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    The Planning and Zoning Commission is a combination planning board and zoning board. The Commission consists of nine appointed members, each serving a three-year term. The Planning and Zoning Commission studies requests for subdivision of land, land exchange, and zoning change, and any proposed change to the Zoning Code or Land Subdivision Regulations, then provides a recommendation for approval or disapproval to the Board of Aldermen. In addition, the Commission maintains a Comprehensive Plan / Major Street Plan, used by the City as a planning tool for orderly future development of the City of Jackson.

    Comprehensive Plan
    (file is large)

    Major Street Plan - Map

    The Commission holds a regularly scheduled monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in the Council Room in City Hall, 101 Court Street. If necessary, a study session is held the first Wednesday of the month.  All meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission are open to the public and interested citizens are welcome to attend. Current board members and their end-of-term years are listed below.

    Harry Dryer 2020 Bill Fadler 2021
    Mike Seabaugh 2019 Wade Bartels 2019
    Alex Austin 2021 Beth Emmendorfer 2019
    Tina Weber 2021 Anthony Koeller 2019
    Janice Unger 2020 Dwain Hahs (Mayor)
    Joe Bob Baker (Alderman Assigned) Tom Kimbel (Alderman Assigned)
    Janet Sanders (Building and Planning)

    For more information about Planning and Zoning, please contact Janet Sanders at 573-243-2300 or by e-mail.

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