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  2. The Park Board meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Civic Center, 381 E. Deerwood Dr.  The public is welcome to attend. Current board members and their end-of-term years are listed below.  Click here for current agenda.

    Michelle Flath 2023 Luke Dry 2023
    Cathy Reiminger 2024 David Seabaugh 2024
    Shana Williams 2023 Robert Lichtenegger
    Rodney Ladreiter 2024 Whitney Tate
    Darin Pettit 2025

    Katy Liley (Alderwoman Assigned)
    Jason Lipe
    (Parks and Recreation Director)

    The Brookside Park Baseball Fields Planning Committee is a group appointed by the Mayor to assess recreational ball field needs for Brookside Park.

    Michelle Flath Ennis Hinkebein II
    Larry Koehler Robert Lichtenegger
    Geoff Parker Darin Pettit
    Joe Bob Baker (Alderman Assigned) Jason Lipe (Parks and Recreation Director)
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