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  2. Hydrant Flowing Program to Begin in Jackson

    The City of Jackson will begin flushing the water distribution and hydrant system on Monday, May 17 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. until the program is complete.  Fire Department crews flow hydrants once a year to remove any mineral sediment that builds up in the pipes, improve water quality, and to maintain the valves and hydrants in the system.  Because the City’s water supply is a loop-type system, every household, business, and industry may be impacted, regardless of the location of the flushing.

    While flushing activities don’t affect the safety of the water supply, the water may appear cloudy or discolored while the lines are flushed due to a temporary stirring of sediments. On the day we are in your neighborhood, we suggest that customers:

    ·         Refrain from doing the laundry because the sediments can damage and discolor your laundry, particularly whites.

    ·         Open and run your taps to clear up any discoloration that may still exist.  Discoloration may persist for a few days after flushing is completed.

    ·         Wait for the water to clear up before using it for drinking or cooking.

    Residents can quickly clear up the discolored water in their homes or businesses by flushing water through the plumbing. Recommended locations for flushing plumbing are outside spigots and bathtubs.  Residents should not wash clothes in water that is discolored as this could result in stains.

    The days following our flush of the water main is a good time for residents to do a thorough cleaning of the plumbing in their homes.  The City suggests letting water flush from all faucets for about five minutes while flushing toilets.  Residents will also then want to remove faucet screens and clean any sediment that collects on the screens.  While this may seem like a lot of water, it is a good practice to clean your plumbing.  This high volume of water produces the velocity in the pipes to remove loose sediment buildup.  There is no requirement to flush your plumbing.  It is only suggested as good practice to remove sediments in your pipes and improve water quality. 

    As an additional tip, residents can sprinkle their plants, garden, or lawn while flushing the outside spigots instead of just wasting the water.

    Residents and businesses can expect to see the Fire Department flushing fire hydrants in neighborhoods pending weather starting May 17.  The plan is to flush and flow a majority of the central section of Jackson (between Shawnee Blvd. and Farmington Rd. in the next 10 weeks.  You can view the entire hydrant list in the project area here.

    The annual hydrant flowing program is a standard water utility practice that ensures safe, clean, and clear water throughout the year.

    Questions should be directed to the Public Works Department at 243-2300 or the Fire Department at 243-1010. 

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