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    *** UPDATE 2-18-21 @ 2:00 P.M. ***

    Effectively immediately, the snow route proclamation in Jackson has been lifted.  All major streets have been substantially cleared by the Street Department and residents and businesses can once again park their vehicles on designated snow routes.


    In anticipation of this weekend’s winter weather event, city officials have issued a Snow Route Proclamation at 8:00 p.m. this evening.  Residents who have vehicles parked on designated snow routes in Jackson now have 24 hours to move those vehicles off the street or to a non-designated snow route to allow city crews to plow the entire width of the roadway.  After 8:00 p.m. on Sunday (February 14), vehicles that are not moved may be ticketed or towed to allow for plowing.  This Snow Event Proclamation will end when the storm is over, the street has been cleared, and the city has notified the local media outlets that the proclamation has concluded.

     Vehicles parked in the uptown historic district do not need to be moved during Snow Event Proclamations.

    In accordance with the ordinance, the parking of any motor vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, or other conveyance or object is prohibited on the following snow route streets within the city limits when a Snow Removal Proclamation is in effect:

    Snow Route Street                                          From                         To


    Bainbridge Road                                           S. Donna Dr.              S. Lacey St.

    Broadridge Drive                                          Orchard Dr.              W. Independence St.

    Donna Drive (South)                                     Bainbridge Rd.          E. Jackson Blvd.

    Farmington Road (North)                            W. Main St.               City limit

    Farmington Road (South)                            W. Main St.               City limit

    Greensferry Road                                         N. Hope St.                 City limit

    High Street (North) (Hwy. 61)                     Washington St.          City limit

    Hope Street (North) (Hwy. 61)                    Main St.                     Greensferry Rd.

    Hope Street (South) (Hwy. 25)                    Main St.                     City limit

    Independence Street (West) (Rt. D)            N. High St.                 City limit

    Jackson Boulevard (East) (Hwy. 61)           S. Hope St.                 City limit

    Jackson Boulevard (West) (Hwy. 34/72)     S. Hope St.                 City limit

    Lacey Street                                                   Bainbridge Rd.          Ridge Rd.

    Main Street (East)*                                       Hope St.                     City limit

    Main Street (West)*                                      Hope St.                     W. Jackson Blvd.

    Oak Hill Road (North)                                 E. Main St.                 Oak Ridge Dr.

    Oak Ridge Drive                                           N. Oak Hill Rd.         Ridge Rd.

    Oak Street                                                      N. West Ln.                N. Farmington Rd.

    Old Orchard Road (South)                          E. Jackson Blvd.        E. Main St.

    Ridge Road                                                    N. Shawnee Blvd.      Oak Ridge Dr.          

    Shawnee Boulevard (North)                        E. Main St.                 Ridge Rd.

    Shawnee Boulevard (South)                         E. Main St.                 E. Jackson Blvd.

    Washington Street (East) (Hwy. 61)           N. Hope St.                 N. High St.

    West Lane (North)                                        W. Jackson Blvd.      Oak St.

    * Except any portion located inside the boundaries of the Jackson Uptown Historic District.

    Streets that are not designated as snow routes will be cleared according to the protocol established by the Street Department.  And since the major streets in Jackson are a combination of State and City roads, motorists will see both the Missouri Department of Transportation and the City of Jackson crews plowing snow.

    A map of Jackson’s snow routes can be viewed at www.jacksonmo.org//FileStream.aspx?FileID=51

    For more information, contact the City of Jackson at 573-243-2300, or visit us online at jacksonmo.org or Facebook.com/JacksonMO.

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