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  2. Help Prevent Street Flooding in the Fall

    When leaves and yard debris pile up in the gutters of public streets, storm drains can clog and cause unnecessary flooding.  Help prevent flooding problems in your neighborhood by disposing of leaves and yard waste properly and promptly, and by keeping streets and storm drains free from debris.

    Property owners are responsible for properly disposing of their leaves and yard waste.  Please do not blow or rake leaves into the street or alley.  If you use a yard maintenance service, please instruct them to not blow or rake leaves into the street or alley.

    Your Street Department crews do their best to keep the city’s storm drains working properly. However, they can still become blocked by sticks, grass, and leaves, especially during heavy rains.

    The City Code specifically prohibits depositing yard waste or any refuse in storm drains, streets, or any drainage way.  Such an offense is punishable as a misdemeanor.  The burning of leaves or brush in the street is also prohibited as the heat damages the street and the ash/debris clogs drains and contaminates the stormwater.

    What you can do with that pile of leaves:

    -  Use leaves as compost in your garden or around plants and trees.

    -  Jackson residential customers can place bags no more than 40 pounds of leaves and yard waste at curbside for free pickup during the first and third full weeks of the month on their regular trash day.  Limbs must be no longer than 5 feet and tied with string or twine in bundles no larger than 18 inches diameter for pickup.   

    -  Residential customers can also take leaves and yard waste to the yard waste pits located at the Jackson Recycling Center for no additional charge during regular business hours.

    If you discover a clogged storm drain causing street flooding:

    -  If possible, clear the blockage with a rake or broom, but be careful.

    -  Do not wade into large puddles of water.

    If you see a storm drain that is not working properly and needs our attention, please report flooding problems to the Public Works Department at 243-2300.  This phone number is answered 24 hours, every day.

    For additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at (573) 243-2300; or visit us online at jacksonmo.org or Facebook.com/JacksonMO.

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