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  1. Welcome to Jackson, Missouri

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  2. What is Flushable and What is Not?

    As the use of sterilizing wipes increases, many of them may end up in the sanitary sewer system.  Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper.  WIPES of any kind (even the ones that say FLUSHABLE), PAPER TOWELS, and even FACIAL TISSUES do not break down like toilet paper so they can clog your home’s wastewater pipes and cause problems in the City collection and treatment facilities.


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    2. Yard Waste Pick-Up Week
      Yard waste pickup for solid waste customers. ...Read More
    1. 6
    2. Meeting - Mayor and Board of Aldermen
      Mayor and Board of Aldermen Meeting - Meetings ar...Read More
    1. 8
    2. Meeting - Planning and Zoning Commission
      Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting - City Ha...Read More
    1. 9
    2. Meeting - Historic Preservation Commission
      The Historic Preservation Commission meets at 7:00...Read More
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  4. City of Jackson
    101 Court Street
    Jackson, MO 63755  
    Phone:  (573) 243-3568  
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