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  2. Notice to Bid - Pavilion No. 5 Replacement Project in City Park

    Sealed bids for the Pavilion No. 5 Replacement Project in City Park will be received by the City Clerk at City Hall, 101 Court Street, Jackson, Missouri 63755, until Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 2:00 P.M., Central Standard Time at which time and place they will be publically opened and read aloud.  No bids will be accepted after this time, and no electronic or facsimile submittals will be accepted.

    All Bidders shall submit in a separate, sealed envelope the Bid Proposal form provided in accordance with the Contract Documents.  The envelope shall be clearly marked on the outside with the Bidder’s name, address, phone number, the Project Name, and the date and time of the Bid Opening. 

    In general, the elements of the Work include, but are not limited to, furnishing all labor, equipment, materials, tools, and other incidental items for the construction and installation of a prefabricated park pavilion structure with concrete footings, complete with designs, plans, and specifications which are signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in good standing with the State of Missouri. 

    All bidders shall submit with their bid a qualifications package that includes years of experience, completed projects performed under similar scopes of work, and a statement of qualifications of the proposed engineer/company selected by the contractor to provide signed and sealed plans and specifications.  The bid shall be awarded based on both price and qualifications.  Preference shall be given to contractors with at least three years of experience and three completed projects performed under similar scopes of work. 

    Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained physically or electronically.  Physical copies may be obtained at the Public Works Department at City Hall, 101 Court Street, Jackson, Missouri 63755 with a nonrefundable deposit of $25.00.  Electronic copies may be obtained free of charge by visiting the City’s website at www.jacksonmo.org and filling out the Project Request Form, or by sending an email to projects@jacksonmo.org. 

    The City of Jackson hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in any Contract entered into pursuant to this invitation, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration of award. 

    All wages paid for work under this Contract shall comply with requirements of the prevailing wage law of the State of Missouri, Sec. 290.210 through 290.340 R.S. Mo. 1978, as amended.  Bidders must agree to comply with all statutory regulations referred to in the Contract Documents. 

    The City of Jackson reserves the right to waive any informality, technicalities, and to reject any and all bids. Each Bidder must deposit with the bid security in the amount, form, and subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders.  No Bidder may withdraw their Bid within sixty (60) days after the actual date of the Bid Opening.  If a contract award is made, it will be made to the lowest and best, responsive, responsible Bidder.  The City reserves the right to award any combination of the Base Bid and Alternate Bid Items. 

    Clint Brown, E.I.

    Staff Engineer

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