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  2. Tips For Electric Service Line Reconnections

    Many electric service lines are down.  If any Jackson resident or business owner does not have power by 6:00 p.m. today (Saturday), please call the City and report it at 573-243-2300.

    For customers whose buildings were damaged by Friday night’s storm event, the Building & Planning Department asks the following steps be taken by customers to ensure safe and proper repairs:

    Step #1:  Obtain necessary permits from the Public Works Department at City Hall by calling 573-243-2300.  The process is quick and easy and electrical permits are issued immediately over the phone to ensure faster reconnection of service.  The City is temporarily waiving permit fees for electric service line reconnections.

    Step #2:  Have a licensed contractor to perform the repair work.  For electric service, both the meter base and the mast head must be in place and ready for City connection.  All wires must be installed and connected, except for final service hook-up at the mast head.

    Step #3:  Call the Public Works Department at 243-2300 for necessary inspections.  For electrical repairs, the City will reconnect the service to the building following inspection approval.

    The City also reminds all residents and business owners to employ only licensed contractors in Jackson.  Please phone the Public Works Department at 243-2300 for more information on licensed contractors.

    Please do not touch or attempt to move downed lines or wires of any kind.  Stay clear and be safe.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 573-243-2300, by visiting us online at jacksonmo.org, or connecting with us on Facebook at Facebook.com/JacksonMO.

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