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  2. Jackson No Longer Accepting Plastic Film and Plastics Nos. 1-3 at Recycling Center

    Today, officials announced the City will discontinue accepting plastic film and plastics #3-7 at the Recycling Center.  Effective Tuesday, May 28, all plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, newspaper sleeves, and other types of plastic wrappers, film, and plastics nos. 3-7 are no longer accepted in Jackson’s Recycling Program due to dramatic changes in the worldwide use of recyclable materials.  These items must now be placed in your regular trash and placed at curbside with other non-recyclable items. 

    Customers can still recycle plastic containers #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) such as milk/juice jugs, soda/water bottles, containers for condiments, cleaning supplies, and shampoo, etc.  PETE plastics make up 96% of all plastic bottles and containers in the United States, yet only 25% of these products are recycled.

    Common types of plastics nos. 3-7 the city will no longer accept at the center include yogurt cups, sour cream and cottage cheese containers, margarine and butter containers, clamshells, plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and more.

    “If you have any questions, please do a little research,” Scholl suggested.  “Check the plastic code on the bottom of the product, or call the recycling center and ask for clarification on what materials would or would not be acceptable.  A little bit of research on the internet could provide more information.”

    “The good rule of thumb: if it’s really thin and flimsy - not rigid, and not meant to hold liquid or food products in a way that a water bottle would,” Scholl said, it’s likely not an accepted material.

    For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 243-2300; or visit us online at jacksonmo.org or Facebook.com/JacksonMO.

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