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  2. The Building and Planning Department handles all issues regarding construction, development, land use, zoning, dangerous buildings, and licensing of contractors.

    Contact us at 573-243-2300

    Attention: The license year has been changed to the calendar year.  All existing licensees were issued an extended license at no extra charges for the remainder of 2021.  Licenses must be renewed each year and insurance must be effective throughout the year for license to remain valid.

    No permits will be issued involving contractors who have not obtained a license or whose license has expired.

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     All contractors working in the City of Jackson are required to have a valid City of Jackson Contractor License.  Contractor licenses are obtained from the Building and Planning Department.  Contractors working as sub-contractors for other contractors or for other persons are required to have their own licenses.

    All contractors must provide proof of workers' compensation insurance if required by law to carry this insurance.  Missouri law requires construction contractors with one or more employees to carry workers' compensation insurance.  Contractors not required by law to carry this insurance can complete a waiver on the application form which includes their notarized signature.  Notary Public services are available for this purpose in the Building and Planning Department.

      There is currently no testing requirement for licensing of contractors in the City of Jackson.


    Current Licensed Contractors


    General Contractor - $25/yr:  Contractors who perform multiple types of construction work, including building, brick laying, concrete finishing, excavating, electrical work, painting, plumbing, plastering/drywall, roofing, and all other types of contracting not specifically listed  (includes tree trimming, lawn mowing, and landscaping services).

    Building Contractor - $25/yr:  Contractors who limits their work to general carpentry and does not perform brick laying, concrete finishing, excavating, electrical work, painting, plastering/drywall, plumbing, or roofing.

    Brick Contractor - $25.00/yr:  Contractors who perform brick or masonry work.

    Concrete Contractor - $25.00/yr:  Contractors who perform concrete or asphalt work.

    Electrical Contractor - $25.00/yr:  Contractors who perform electrical work, including low-voltage and communications installation and repair.

    Excavating and Grading Contractor - $25.00/yr:  Contractors who perform excavation or grading work.

    Painting Contractor - $10.00/yr:  Contractors who perform painting and/or wallpapering.

    Plastering Contractor - $25.00/yr - Contractors who perform plastering or drywall work.

    Plumbing Contractor - $25.00/yr - Contractors who perform plumbing work or HVAC work.

    Roofing Contractor - $25.00/yr - Contractors who perform roofing work.


  1. Contractor Licenses

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