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  1. Community Outreach Board

  2. The deadline for the Community Outreach Board grant applications for the 2021 year has passed.  Submissions were due by May 18.  Grant awards will be reviewed at the next board meeting. 

    The Community Outreach Board meets at 6:00 PM on the second Monday of each month at the Civic Center, 381 E. Deerwood Dr.  Current board members and their end-of-term years are listed below. Click here for current agenda.
    Heather Harrison 2023 Marco Otten 2023
    Andrea Talley 2024 Vacant 2022
    Vacant 2023 Andrea Flint 2021
    Rick Murray
    2021 Vacant 2021
    Vacant 2023 Alynda Smithey 2024
    Leigha Kopf 2022 Vacant 2022
    Vacant 2023 Rick Murray 2024
    Vacant 2022 David Hitt (Alderman Assigned)
    Shane Anderson (Parks and Recreation Director) Wanda Young (Alderwoman Assigned)
    Jason Mouser (Fire Chief) James Humphreys (Police Chief)
  1. Community Outreach Board

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